• Clara Blanchette

Tips for //DECEMBER//

Okay, so December is really one of my favorite times of the year. The holidays, where you can spend time with your family, walk in the white snow and eat the most delicious food you have ever tasted. I love it. Reuniting ourselves just to tell us how much we love each other. From time to time we might say it, but sincerely, we don't actually say I LOVE YOU often. Even though we should. So December is a wonderful opportunity to share our happy emotions and be thankful.

Gifts are a big part of December, the stress of finding the perfect present for a loved one can take the form of anxiety. Worry not. There are things so simple, that can make someone so happy. Here are a few homemade gift ideas that take no time.

- The first one is completely simple but so delicious. I recommend making a pancake mix. It's so easy, and with a small card that gives the instructions, it can be super cute. Especially since there's no gluten nor dairy products, so there's less chance of allergy reactions.

- Ok, so this is epic and people always love it. A chia seed berry jam is always a must in any house!!! Made of only three ingredients.

- The homemade Nutella will melt your troubles away. :) Go back in time and take a spoonful.

- Winter is cold, we might as well admit it. So, hot cocoa from time to time can blow your minds. Giving away a tasty mix in a nice mason jar, the instructions right on it, can be remarked.

Now, here it is. My greatest tips for the jolly mood to be in you are the following;

- DECORATE!!!!!!!! I have to say, this is one of my favorites, that had to be included in this list. More specifically, it had to be the very first one. It just gets you in the mood and I recommend adding some Christmas music while doing so. I always decorate with my brothers and the tradition has been the same since we were lil' kiddos. We go and pick a 13 foot tall tree on my grandpa's land and when we come back home, it's eventually hard work to get it in our house, but we manage to do it. Then, the Christmas ornaments we add, the lights, everything is just so jolly and perfect.

- Then, shopping is also essential. You don't actually have to buy, but looking at all of the decos, the employees in elf costumes, ;) and simply everything has a cool vibe. And what I love is the Santa in the store, and seeing all the kids' happy faces when on his lap. :))))))

- If the house smells like Christmas, smiles will be on your faces. I recommend placing cinnamon sticks in hot water, and simply keeping it as so. The space will certainly have an epic vibe.

- Candles can also add a wonderful scent of happiness in the air. Really you can find them anywhere!!

- MUSIC. One of my top bests. You can listen to anything that is Christmas-like and you'll have the song in your head for the whole day. Some find it bad, but I characterize it as magical. When you sing and hum everywhere you go... Best times ;)))

Let Christmas in the air and smile like you don't care. :)

xoxo The Paleo Kid

*See post pancake mix

** See post Berry chia jam

***See post homemade Nutella

****In a mason jar, add cocoa powder, powdered sugar and marshmallows and chocolate chips. For the instructions; add hot milk in a cup with the mix.