• Clara Blanchette

fancy but simple entrees

Hello everybody! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas time, or if you're just like me and you still have a party tonight, let me correct "had" to *have*.

So today, i'm sharing several recipes that i've been wanting to share because they are so simple to make but at the same time super fancy and tasty. they look good also. it's an all-in-one.

i thought you could serve this for a chatty supper, enjoy it with friends impress them or eat them all alone, no one's judging you if you make fancy entrees for you.

Starting off with the blue stuffed dates:


- pitted dates

- blue cheese

- cream

- pistachios


- in a small bowl, mix together the blue cheese and the cream until the two are dissolved but not liquid.

- create a small incision in the dates and fill that cut with the cheese and cream mixture. place a pistcahio on top.

- repeat for all of the dates and place them on a plate for serving.

Colourful and Beautiful entree platter

ingredients (basically everything you want to put on your platter):

- cheese (brie, hard cheese, blue cheese, etc. )

- salami and cold meats

- figs and strawberries and grapes

- your favorite crackers.

- hummus

- veggies; cucumber, tomatoes, celery, carrots


- assemble all of the ingredients by section on a big serving platter.

- enjoy with company!

BBQ feta and tomato


- feta squares

- cherry tomatoes cut in half

- basil leaves

- olive oil

- salt and pepper


- in an aluminium paper, place a feta square, with the half tomatoes and a basil leaf on top drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. wrap the aluminium on top and place in the barbecue for less than 10 minutes, checking it so it doesn't burn.

Carrot Salad


- 16 small carrots

- olive oil

- 1 tbsp chopped tarragon

- 3 branches celery hearts, chopped thickely

- 4 slices of speck ham chopped finley

- sour cream

- salt & pepper instructions:

- Preheat the BBQ at around 400F. In a baking sheet lined with aluminium foil, place the carrots with olive oil and salt & pepper. place in the BBQ and close the lid.

- Cook the carrots while tossing them around in the foil until they're tender and bright orange.

- Transfer in a serving plate and top wih the tarragon, celery and ham. cool and serve with sour cream.