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a guide / my experience with homemade skin products


today we're talking all about skin. as you might know, skin has been a major issue for me. well, i wouldn't exactly say major, but still i was kind of pissed when i woke up with red spots on my face and arms. it was also really unbalanced. i could wake up to beautiful skin, or to a red and itchy one. cream would help, of course. but i wouldn't exactly say i was the most scheduled person when it came to putting on greasy stuff on my body 2 times a day. ( stuff that would burn, and make me scream next to an air conditioner.) eventually, we found creams that didn't hurt and worked, but i realized that the most successful ones were the painful. ok, i mean it wasn't painful,i was smaller at that age, and probably exaggerated a lot, so my image of the cream putting is not pretty, but i imagine that it really wasn't that bad. anyways, when my mom told me that it was time, i would say: no, not the bacon! (because the cream was so greasy i would appear like a grilled bacon :)

you have to know that since i started the paleo diet, the eczema has decreased enormously, but still, (i can't hide it to you) sometimes i unexpectedly wake up itchy, searching for the reason of this event. it was always an ingredient that i had taken that would make me itch. ( yes food was practically always the factor for my eczema, either dairy or gluten)

a few months ago, Valérie, ( a friend you might have heard from since she's basically the reason i started this blog ) approached me with a book called Cosmétiques Non-Toxiques; Nouvelles Recettes by Sylvie Fortin, which has hundreds of recipes of homemade products. She said that this would make a great post (which i agree is true, at least, tell me if it is in the comments) and 1 or 2 weeks later i started getting interested in making my own solution, aside from changing my diet. i tried simple recipes that needed basic ingredients anybody could have in their pantry (yes some recipes use edible products) such as ones from Chocolat Favoris, and a hair leave-in + a foot bath. then, i also wanted to try the ones from the book, which were more complex but super effective. so, thanks to her, in this post, i will relate to you my opinion about the recipes and eventually the recipes themselves. the recipes that are, by the way, using natural products.

!!Warning!! No miracular transformation is promised after the use of these products. If you have any severe skin disease, you should contact a doctor before using any of these.

so here you go, leave me your opinion about these products, if you tried them, and liked. share this post , (the logo is below) if you know anyone who would benefit from these beauty products that'll make skins glow and smiles shine from confidence. xx

A hair Leave-in

this leave-in is inspired from the book, but I changed and added a few ingredients for it to be at my taste. basically, what a leave-in is, is that after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply the mixture in your hands and then in your hair. afterwards, your hair will seem extremely fancy and clean.


coco milk


coco oil

optional: essential oil (I used lavender)


in a small push-push container, mix all ingredients.

then apply on your hands, rub it, to have the mixture all over them. then, turning your head upside down, with your hands, put on hair, and scrub on your head. video tutorial:

Facials and body scrubs:

chocolate and coconut

this one was the first I tested, it's really yummy, (I couldn't help myself but taste it) but most importantly, your skin will be soooo smooth, its incredible! I have to say, because of my eczema, my skin is rarely smooth, so this was a grand success! recipe by Chocolat favoris.


2 tbsp organic/rich cocoa powder

4 tbsp organic coco oil

1/2 cup organic sugar or coconut sugar


mix all ingredients in a bowl, apply on face or body for 5 minutes, rinse for glowy skin!

coconut and salt

I trid this one out with my friend Corinne and two days later, my skin was still smooth and shiny. Because of the coconut oil, without putting highliter, the jawline was really accentuated, so i guess nobody wants to miss that opportunity, right? 😆 recipe by Sylvie Fortin


- 100g of fine sea salt (don't use the ones that are intact)

- 24g of organic coconut oil

- 10g of vegetal glycerin

- 1g white argile


- In a bowl, mix all ingredients together until you form a paste.

- Transfer in a mini mason jar to conserve. When you'll want to use it again, make sure to mix it with a spoon to make it pasty once again because it will be hard.

- with your hands, apply it on your face and body.

Hydrating Cream:

If you have dry skin just like me, you're probably aware of the importance of applying hydrating cream on yourself every single day. Lately, i've been using this super simple trick using only an apple and your cream.


- a quarter of an apple

- your daily hydrating cream


Real simple: all you have to do is scrub a quarter of an apple on your body before applying your hydrating cream.

Foot bath:

who sometimes realizes that their feet could get a little self care? um. meeee! I know we don't really take a lot of time to worry about these ones, but today, let's give them a little attention. When i made this recipe i was revolutionized by the efficiency of it. you probably think that you feet are super clean, but it can get sneaky and gross, so go ahead to find your clean baby feet back.


1 bag tea

2 cups hot water

6 drops essential oil (i use lavender)

1/8 cup sea salt


infuse the tea in the hot water. take it out and add the rest of the ingredients. wait until it's not boiling hot (i don't want you burning your feet) and then rest your feet in the water for 10 minutes or more. Then, scrub your feet vigoursly to clean everything out.

I hope you guys test these extremely simple recipes. comment below if you found them useful! I would love to hear from you! Share this post with your friends who want to look naturally flawless for christmas parties and like for everyone to know how you loved these recipes as well!

Kisses, Clara