• Clara Blanchette

A guide to Barcelona and its surroundings ✈️

Barcelona. A city full of vibrance, that never rests, never bores out. The mornings offer sweet wind and misty air, the day, a city of wonder, and the night, a full ambiance covers the spanish suroundings.

One week enjoying the paysage and everything it has to offer, one week of pure amazingness, love and beauty. Learning the usuals, the way of life, the beauties that there appear as natural. One week in wonderland.

So i guess you might want to know what this city has to offer, what you could do, eat, shop and observe. What would assure a pretty nice adventure. I’m here for that, I guess. I spent this week enjoying everything and getting lost in the small spanish streets, referring to google maps, hoping we’re going the right way the blue arrow tells us to go. Pure wonder. I tell you. Getting lost can sometimes bring you the most. Most than riding along the blue arrow.

I’m thinking this will turn out like a schedule of what we did, involving tips and tricks, advice for you travelers. So let’s start by the beginning, Friday the 9th of november. We departed from Montreal at 5 pm and arrived in Toronto at 7. From there we took off for BCN. Our final destination. We then took a shuttle we had reserved to enter the apartment that would host us for a week. marvelous. On la Ramblas. Straight were the action is. we wanted to explore. La cathedral of Barcelona was splendid. amazing. And then we slept. We were tired.

Sunday was our nice little real beginning. Exploring the city on a bike. In a small group, riding along. Wherever you go, bikes are always a good idea. For sure. It’s just the vibe that’s around when you first get a look of the city. amazing to do on the first day.

Monday. You know how to start the week off majorely and significantly? Visit three Gaudi masterpieces. We commenced with casà Battló, a beautiful & colourful

building, then off with casa milà, la Pedrera, a magnificent wavy apartment to finish the day with el parc Guëll, an unimaginable park filled with natural beauty and vibrant colours. Honestly, I prefered the park to the others,

but I can also say that they are all worth seeing. truly.

Tuesday, Montserrat hosted us on top of the world. This view would cover anything. Beautiful can not explain what we saw. What you could see. Are you booking your vacation now?

The mountians tops, stone-made are cracked with lines of trees, and just above, the skies, the thousands of mountains. everywhere. It’s just hallucinating. You could live from the view up there. The monastary below, the black virgin mary inside. The 16 chapels hidden in the mountains. moua! amazing.

On the same tour, in the afternoon we headed to Sitges, a handsome city next to te beach, kind of south of France style. The food is delicious. Taste sea food, calamares, taste and enjoy. really. And book your vacation.

Wednesday. Already the middle of the week huh? well, to celebrate, let’s go on another trip do you mind? 3 tours for the middle, El Palau de la Musica, El Museo Picasso y historias de Barcelona. First, the Palau was really beautiful, as it’s filled with so many details. actually, it’s still in use for shows, and for visits. When you go to the main room of spectacles, watch out for art. Second, the Picasso museum should be great for you too. What gives it its uniqueness is the fact that it doesn’t hold Picasso’s most famous art pieces. It actually holds the beginning of his carreer. well, i think I must emphasise that « the beginning » is actually when he was like 6. You know? That kind of genius. But really, you wouldn’t recognize the man’s art. Here, he paints super realistic, totally not cubism. The saying I love is « It took Picasso his whole life to paint like a child. »

Thursday we relaxed a bit , but I mean, we probably don’t have the same definition of relaxed. We as in my mom. For us, it’s waking up around 8:45 and walking to the Palais Guëll. charming. Though this one doesn’t quite resemble the rest of Gaudi’s work, I was fascinated by the genie.

Next, I mean, shopping can’t be excluded from this post, no? I’m love with fashion, I’ve always been. Though I can’t say fashion has always been my best force. Continue reading and you’ll find my favorite local shops in barcelona.

Friday was time for a second outside trip. From la ramblas, we were going to Figueres, where Salvador Dali’s museum is. wow. The only word that comes out of my mouth after entering the museum. Dali was an artist that was clearly unexplainable. The beauty and the abstraction of the art, the stories behind this whole story itself. Everything has mind and sense. Geniuses like him, or Gaudi or Picasso can simply not be explained. Dali used to inspire hikmself of many great artists. Actually Picasso was one of them. You can see the resemblance between the pieces and still see the differences majorely. Dali was simply amazing and I can’t truly stop myself from talking about him. seriously, I know I keep saying it but… book the trip!

Girona, (Game of Thrones fan, listen up) you served well the afternoon, I have to say. This little village resembling Florence is a mixture of ruins and history, and modern tourist attractions. though, cross the bridge to enter a part much more ancient of the filmed area of the famous series. Oh and the Eiffel bridge is nice too. Very nice.

Saturday. How the heck is this already the last day? Best for last they say though. Would Sagrada Familia figure as best for you? Let’s say it does. Cause it is. Really, it’s a miracle. You have got to see it, just for the feeling, the excited that fills you when you admire the grandness of everything. You must see it. Must.

The top of Mont Juic is quite a view as well. You can observe the whole city on top and then take a look in Joan Miro’s museum, a wonderful experience guaranteed. The artist opts for simple and though complicated and beautiful art.


I love eating. Is that news?

great restaurants ideas:


Plaça Reial, 13-15, 08002 Barcelona, Espagne

a very typical restaurant, that i visited 2 times. the desig inside is very nice and creates an amazizng vibe. stay during supper, around 8-9 pm to listen to spanish jazz music while eating; a.k.a the best feeling ever.

Veggie Garden

Carrer dels Àngels, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

very nice design and food, this restaurant serves indian food as well as spanish, vegetarian and delicious. this colourful environment fills you with goodies inside.

El Nacional

Passeig de Gràcia, 24 Bis, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

A great place to find many restaurants, pretty fancy,and which you have to reserve, since the place is packed. really, like the time we went, we finally ate around 11 pm. but it was truly good.

El Mercat

35, Carrer de Casp, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

asincerely delicious restaurant where you can eat spectacular classics, such as wonderful calamars, eggplant with goat cheese (btw the BEST), small desserts such as catalan crema and many others.

Casa Guinart

La Rambla, 95, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

a great restaurant right beside the boqueria mercardo, very nice and delicious.

Flax and Kale

Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

this restaurant i adored. sincerely, the food was delicious, the vibe was cool. the design as well and many vegetarian, paleo, dairy-free and gluten-free options were available. WONDERFUL.


I love clothing. Do you?


Rambla de Catalunya, 67, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

a.k.a my favorite shop for kid’s clothing, though I can’t really wear that anymore. But this spanish shop is amazing for anyone with kids.


Carrer de Ferran, 30, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

I discovered this little boutique in a small street next to la Ramblas. afterwards, I saw that you could find them a little bit everywhere. Considering that this boho retro shop is really amazing. You can find many things, such as calendars, decor, clothing, lots and lots.


so if you saw my rome guide, you probably know my family and i are in love with the concept of getting guides. Really, you have to try it. you'll just learn a lot more than just looking at stuff, truly. it'll be like taking a life-changing history class. We took all of our guides and activities with Get Your Guide. Actually, if you're interested in either one of these activites, i'll link the website from the name.

metro passes

every single time we took the metro, cause some things are pretty far from each other, we took the T-10 pass. this one costs 10 euros and gives you 10 transports. really prcatical for big families. we are 5 and we only bought one ticket for each time we had to take the metro. one T-10 is way less pricy than buying five tickets.


for sure you've heard about these spanish thieves that look like tourists, don't look shady, and make quick acts. here's a tip: don't put something important in your back pocket; place your bag in front; or keep your hand on it and be careful. remember; these people won't look for violence; only for valuable objects.


We usually went to "Carrefour" on la Rambla for big groceries, and sometimes in el Mercat, also on la Rambla for juices and smoothies, and local must-haves.


from eating at 11 at night, to exploring the wonders of the day trying to look like a local, failing and taking our maps out, looking for the complicated street names, walking around the pretty roads and running around the windy beaches, the city is amazing.

So yeah... that's Barcelona. that's my vacation. a vacation that's mouvemented, beautiful and breath-taking. a vacation that you could be a part of.

and again, i know i've been saying it a lot, but go book your ticket!

Bon voyage!