• Clara Blanchette

quinoa crispy & choco mummies

Hello you friendly people!

So... i know that i've been publishing wayyyy more than i usually do. Like, this will be my 3rd post this week and i normaly publish one. but you know, who's mad or sad about it? nobody. I would want to have more delicious recipes!!!

So, it's Halloween soon, it's time to get your holiday vibes in, and you cooking vibes in too. Today, i'll show you how to make a typical child treat that everybody likes. either big or small, young or old. (tall would've rhymed but it didn't work 😅) RICE CRISPIES !!!!

I used quinoa puffs, which to me have the same crunchy texture and seem sugary because of the marshamallow taste. However, if you prefer going with traditional rice cereal, go ahead!

The coconut flavour in the sweet squares is to drool for!

This little treat will make everybody happy and smiley! add the chocolate and the little candy eyes to makes these look spooky and add that touch of originality.

i hope all you costumed peeps will be delighted to munch into this spooky delish! now go, make the recipe! xxx


- 5 tbsp coconut oil

- 5-6 cups mini marshmallows

- 6 cups quinoa puffs or rice cereal

- 5 onces chocolate

- chocolate chipits


- Grease a 9x9 inch pan with coconut oil.

- In a large pot, melt coconut oil.

- Add in the marshmallows. mix constantly to prevent them from browning. When they're all melted and the mixture takes the form of the pan, remove from heat.

- Add in the puffs or cereal and mix well.

- Place the mixture in the prepared pan and tap with a metal spoon so it's equal.

- Meanwhile, place the chocolate in a microwavable bowl, and heat. Mix each and every 20-30 seconds. be careful that it doesn't burn!

- Place the melted chocolate in a small zipploc bag. Make a tiny cut on the corner.

- Cut the rice crispies into squares.

- trace zig zags with the chocolate. Insert two chocolate chipits for their eyes.

- enjoy and send me pictures of your results!

Be sure to appreciate this holiday with your family and be grateful for everything! xxx