• Clara Blanchette

Apple & Goat Cheese Macaroni 🍏


Apple season is quickly making its way out, that's why i was kinda rushing for this recipe to go online. anyways, hope you still got some apples in your kitchen cause they'll be for good use this week!

I've been in a hype of making cooking videos. ok, well i've only made 4 yet... but i can tell you, they're coming! I'm so happy and excited when i finish editing, i'ts a great feeling. Anyways, i would like that you get the same feeling after watching my videos. The one where you crave that recipe so bad, you're jumping on your feet to make it!

Actually, I'm so pumped about this video making idea that i'm probably going to finally make my dream youtube account. the only thing i need is a camera. so... i'm going to try and wait for christmas time!

So, let's get back to our macaronis. This recipe is delightful. You taste that light apple flavour in the sauce and makes you go bonkers! it's creamy, it's tasty, it's free-from gluten and dairy... it's everything you've ever wished for. i mean look, i'm a big fan of goat cheese and this one's has got my heart forever. Make this recipe and suprise your family with this crazy-good alternative that'll make evrybody want to have a second serving.

i tasted this meal with my friend and oh! our reactions were probably a little bit cringy; we were really suprised that this paleo macaroni could taste this good. now, go! you want to be that excited about pasta!


- 2 tbsp coco oil

- 1 onion, minced

- 1 cup dairy-free Belsoy cream

- 2 apples, peeled and thinly cut

- 300g goat cheese

- salt and pepper to taste

- 6 cups macaroni, cooked


-start by melting the oil in a saucepan, at low heat. Then, cook the onion for 7 to 8 minutes in the oil until tender.

- add the cream and boil. incorporate the apples and the goat cheese. continue to cook for 2 minutes. season.

- in a mixer, (i use vitamix) blend the mixture until smooth and creamy. In a 13 inch pan, mix the macaroni with the sauce.

- in a small bowl, mix the gf bread crumbs, coconut oil and salt an pepper. Sprinkle on top of the dish.

- cook for 1 minute or a little bit more.

- enjoy and satisfy your cravings!

xoxo Clara