• Clara Blanchette

garlic/olive oil avocado toast + tomato/feta/coco oil sandwich

hello people!

how are you?

I started school and its been real fun! um, today I'm sharing a recipe that I am in love with. really. actually two recipes that I'm in love with. these two are basically ideas that I already had, so recipes that I usually ate, either before I ate gluten-free or just normally, and that I wanted to recreate. for example, the garlic bread is a classic one from when I was younger. who remembers going to the Pacini and grilling their bread with the greasy garlic butter? I do!! but guess what? we're not using any of the greasy and fat stuff. no no! we're revolutionizing the Pacini style into same-old good taste + healthy. sounds good? yeah it does!

​next, I'll be talking all about tomato sandwiches. So, you have classic sandwiches, and you have the good ones. well, this is the good one. For this recipe, I upgraded the stage of; I have nothing to eat but I have tomatoes so let's make tomato sandwiches, to- oh my freaking goshhh I have tomatoes, let's make this amaaazing sandwich. yes. so why is it soooo good, well you know, there's a reason I put both of these recipes in one post, and it's that both are cooked in a saucepan grilled in amazing oil, so the crunchiness appears from the cooking, and the taste of the oil takes over the bread. for the sandwich, I'll be using coconut oil, which is personally one of my favorites. I'll be adding feta in the sandwich, which will then melt to create one of the best tastes in the world. Then, the basil will be added to the sandwich after it's grilled.

what I love about these, is that after you make them once, you can't get over it, they become you go-to recipes, your loves, your amor.

now that you got a good idea of the two revolutionized recipes, come on in, we're making some goods!

For the Garlic+ Olive oil Avocado toast


- 1 slice gluten free bread

- olive oil or coconut oil (two different styles)

- garlic powder

- Italian herbs

- half an avocado

- fresh basil leaves

- salt and pepper


- in a saucepan, drizzle oil to medium-high heat. add slice of bread and a dash of garlic and herbs.

- cook one side until bread toasts, then cook the other side, less time. turn off the heat

- then, take flesh out of the avocado and mash with a fork, ( I actually mash it in the avocado) then apply on toast and add salt an pepper to taste. to finalize, apply basil leaves on the toast. enjoy!

For the tomato/coco oil/feta sandwich


- two slices of gluten-free bread

- 2-3 slices of fresh tomatoes

- crumbled feta cheese

- coconut oil

- fresh basil leaves


- on bread, add coconut oil, inside. then add tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, and close with the other slice of bread.

- in saucepan drizzled with coconut oil, add the sandwich, and cook for 1-2 minutes on medium-high heat, then flip carefully. after 1 minute, remove from heat and open to add basil leaves. close and enjoy!