• Clara Blanchette

most refreshing raspberry smoothie

Hiii people!!

Doesn't everybody like summer? To start the day off from the right foot, a nice drink is always a good kickstarter. smoothies are pretty much made to be improvised. I mean, yes it's fun from time to time to have an original recipe on hand, but with a smoothie you can almost never be mistaken.

weeeelllll.... now that I think about it, you can. I mean, if you only put delicious berries, it'll be good, nevertheless. But, now I admit it, I once wanted to contribute to the trend of green smoothies. I had tasted some in fresh cafes; they were amazing!!! But, I don't know what they put inside of it, when I tried, it was just a disaster. There was nothing to do, no amount of maple syrup would change the green taste. (I had actually posed it just for the picture but It was horrible) So, maybe I'm going to try to make my own green smoothie later on, but now I'm kind of traumatized from a late experience. :D

A few things that make this beauty a favorite:

when I made this recipe (now I'm not talking about the green disaster, but this raspberry smoothie ;) ) I used frozen organic raspberries and they tasted wild it was craaaaazy good!

the vibrance of the dark-pink-sort-of-red makes it look joyful and delicious

how easy it is. like literally. you blend a few ingredients and you're done.

the fact that when we shot this I had smoothie all over my mouth and I couldn't stop spooning inside my Vitamix during pauses proves how good it is. (comment if you would be the kind of person to do that)

without further ado, I think we should just hop right into the making of this simple day-dreaming cause smoothie because it'll bring smiles and that's what we want. Isn't it always fun and encouraging to see happy faces? I think so. ok lick your lips!


- 1 cup frozen raspberries

- 1/8 of a cup coco milk or less if you want it thinner

- a drizzle of maple syrup (optional)


- in a blender, blend all your ingredients, until smooth. if you want your smoothie creamier, add coco milk, if you want it thinner, add less than 1/8 cup.

- top with mint, pomegranate seeds, fresh strawberries, husk tomatoes, etc.

- you can keep in the fridge for about a week or so , or you can enjoy it instantly, shared with friends or to kick start the day with a refreshing smoothie.

so I hope you did enjoy this post, mostly because you asked for it! ;) just kidding! Tell me what you thought about it, if you have other post ideas that you would want me to do. comment, share, and like. thank you for passing by!