• Clara Blanchette

Caulifower Pita with Avocado, Tofu and Feta

Hey you guys!!

How are you??????? hope you're doing good. tried a homemade face mask yesterday and my skin is glowing and smooth like you can't even imagine!!

So, today we're making our own pitas. I know right? Whaaaaaaat? our own? like homemade? yeah, that's what I said. aaaaaand, guess what? They're super healthy, and nutritious because they're made out of cauliflower rice which is basically just cauliflower, blended into a sort of cous-cous looking food. And because Paleo Gluten Free Eats invented this pita so, it kind of had to be good, you know?

Then, you're going to be adding your sauce, and we're not going for classic tomato. No no. We're using an avocado sauce by Cookie + Kate. Delicious. It's basically guacamole that you put on a pita.

Finally, to top it all off, you'll finish with grilled-in-soy-sauce tofu dices and crumbled feta cheese. the best. And actually this meal just makes me think about mini pizzas, made with veggies. Doesn't that sound good?

things I adore about this meal:

the crunchy tofu dices with a slight soy flavor

the fact that there's avocado in it just makes it 100 times better

also since the pitas are homemade it just makes us look so cool

the way the meal looks so fancy

and finally because it's really good for you.

let's just hop into this recipe since I know you're all so excited while reading my scrumptious details above. hehe.

For the Pita (idea originally from Paleo Gluten-Free Eats) :


- 1 whole cauliflower

- 2 large eggs

- 2 tbsp all-purpose gf flour

- 2 tbsp arrowroot flour/starch or tapioca flour

- 1/2 tsp Italian herb seasonings

- a pinch of sea salt


- in a food processor, blend a few cauliflower florets together, adding them until you're done with the whole veggie. Blend until it kind of looks like cous-cous.

- preheat the oven to 425F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

- steam rice for about two minutes, then squeeze the rice in a clean kitchen cloth, to free all water. (squeeze for quite a bit, there will be a lot of water)

- In a food processor, blend cauliflower with the rest of the ingredients.

- make balls with the dough and press them down, creating mini pizza-size circles. Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden. Let them cool a bit, if you want to re-use them a day after, or later, pop them in the toaster, or simply in the microwave. If you want to bring this for lunch, try putting hummus instead of avocado.

For the avocado sauce (originally from Cookie+Kate):


- 2 large avocados, halved and pitted

- 1/2 cup cilantro or 3-4 thinly cut fresh garlic scapes

- 1/3 cup lime juice

- 2 tbsp water

- a pinch of sea salt


- scrape the flesh out of avocados and blend in a food processor. add the rest of the ingredients.

- scrape the sides if needed. blend until totally combined and creamy. Add more water if you want it to be more thin.

For the tofu:


- I block tofu

- a drizzle of soy sauce (for soy free version, and less sodium: https://nakedcoconuts.com/product/soy-free-seasoning-sauce/)


- cut your tofu in small dices. in a saucepan drizzled with oil, season tofu dices with sauce. heat on medium-high and mix until everything is covered with the sauce. mix from time-to-time, always keeping an eye on the tofu.

- finally, when tofu looks golden and crispy, remove from heat.


- on pitas, add avocado sauce, then top with tofu and crumbled feta cheese. Enjoy!

Clara xxx tell me if you liked, or if you have any questions. enjoy summer