• Clara Blanchette

Summer Fresh Drinks

Hello fellas!

Hope you're doing great and enjoying this hot hot sun! I'm loving it, here in Quebec, we've been waiting for it since, it seems, FOREVER, and now that we have it, we can't do anything except appreciate it.

Since I know the sun is pretty darn hot and sometimes it may seem like a good cold drink would make us go: "aahhh", today I'm sharing these fresh drink recipes that take no time and delight our minds as well as our tummies.

dip your feet in the pool, step out of the shade and sip on!

First, let's start with a recipe I keep doing over and over, this homemade Sparkling Lemonade!

Sparkling Lemonade:

For 1 jar


- Sparkling water (I use Soda Stream to make my gasified water)

- maple syrup

- fresh lemon juice


- Start by drizzling maple syrup at the bottom of your jar.

- add as much water as you want and add a squeeze of lemon on it.

- Mix everything and enjoy!

BTW: side note, I just found an early picture I had taken 1 year ago, when I first tasted this recipe in a small bistro at Montreal. Here's my Instagram story:

Fresh strawberry Lemonade

For 1 pitcher


- Sparkling water (up to the top of your pitcher)

- Fresh strawberries (about 1 cup)

- Fresh lemon juice (from1/2 - 1 lemon)

- 1/4-2/4 cups organic sugar


- Start by cutting all the leaves off your strawberries. Then, squeeze the juice out of them into a bowl. (I used a lemon squeezer) Set aside.

- In a pitcher, add your sparkling water with the organic sugar. Mix with a wooden spoon. Squeeze lemon juice and add the prepared strawberry juice to the pitcher while mixing.

- Adjust the lemonade to your tastes. If you find it's too acidic, add a bit of sugar or water. If it doesn't taste lemon or strawberries enough, add some juice. You get it now, don't you?

- Finally, I added the squeezed strawberries, only because I love the soft taste they have now that they've been squeezed, but if you prefer leaving it like that, feel free to do what makes you happy!

Simple, classic lemonade

For 1 pitcher


- Cold water (up to the top of your pitcher)

- Lemon juice from 1 whole lemon

- 1/4-2/4 cup organic sugar


- Pour the water and the juice, and the mix. Then add the sugar and blend.

- Adjust if certain tastes aren't optimal.

- Place sugar into a plate. Squeeze a lemon around your jar. Turn your jar onto the plate to place sugar all around your jar.

- Pour into your jar, enjoy!

If you tried these recipes or think someone else would like these recipe share it with your friends and family. Like the post if you enjoyed this week's. Comment your opinion. Thank you and comment what you would like to see on the blog next week. Bon appétit!

Clara xoxo