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Paleo Veggie Spring Rolls 🌸

Hello peeps!

What? Spring is shouting its way here in Sherbrooke. Today, guess what, the temperature went up to in the twenty degrees celsius. Am I the only one who was waiting for sunshine for so long? Comment in the section below! ;)

So, to celebrate the Spring season's arrival, I decided to share a colourful recipe that even has the name of the season I love. Guess what? (Actually you know it from the title...😬) Veggie Spring Rolls!!! Woohoo! Although this is not the typical recipe, it's adapted for paleo peeps and is as amazing and super healthy, so read up!

In this recipe, I use Rice paper which is a wonderful alternative and keeps your veggies intact while showing the beauty of heir colours through the paper. It doesn't really taste something, so it leaves the podium for your greens and pinks and purples and- ok I won't name all of the colours.

The thing I love about this is that you can really go cray-cray with the veggies you place in your rolls. The ingredients in the rolls are really just ideas, feel free to use your imagination.

That's why a sauce comes in handy, right? Dip in the sauce with your friends and family and enjoy every bite of these tasty rolls.

Sauce inspired by: @erinireland 🌸

Valérie Baillargeon from Colibri Photo did this amazing photoshoot. Thank you so much, appreciate your help from the moon and back, and will always find you ideally inspiring!

You might be wondering when on earth is the recipe going to start, and I won't make you run around in circles too long so here it is!



- Rice paper

- Shredded carrots

- Sliced avocados

- Sliced beets (I used mandoline)

- Shredded beets

- Shredded purple cabbage

- Fresh mint

- Fresh coriander

- Boston leaves


- ½ c. almond butter - 6 tbsp lime juice - 2 tbsp tamari sauce - 1 tbsp maple syrup - 4 shakes sesame oil - water (to thin, as needed)



- Place your rice paper in hot water for 1o seconds and quickly remove from liquid. (To prevent the paper from sinking, feel the paper if it's smooth and stretchy, and remove)

- Place your paper on a surface and fill it on the edge, leaving some space on both sides and about 1 cm from the end of the paper.

- When you've placed your veggies as you want them to appear when in rolls, carefully wrap it up, flipping the excess paper on the sides inside, and then rolling it like a burrito, until the roll is intact. If you want to see your veggies, you shouldn't use too much rice paper and cut the rest to use it for your other veggie springs.


- Mix all ingredients in a jar and shake until combined.


When transferring your paper on a surface, be careful and try to stretch it as much as possible- without breaking it- to prevent it from folding and forming a ball. if it ever does, reput it in the hot water to expand it.

Eating Method:

- Just kidding, there's no real method, just enjoy yourselves and take time to savor each bite.

Bon appétit les chéris!

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Clara xoxo