• Clara Blanchette

earth day; Lala Bracelets

Hello people!

Happy earth day! Let's, please, take a moment today to appreciate and be thankful for our planet. For Mother Nature who is so kind to us, sometimes can throw quite some storms, but nature is unexplainably wonderful, we have to admit it.

For years, people would tell everybody, "make an impact, do something. Come on, believe in yourself and save the world!" And I just felt like, ok. You tell me to make an impact, but you don't tell me what I could do. Like please, I'm a kid. But then I started exploring the eco-friendly world, which is full of amazing companies that each have a story to say, and man, they work their booties off for Mama Nature. As well as they are inspiring, they help you to, bit by bit, explore the beauty of the Earth and show us how deeply it needs our help. A few months ago, I had a talk with the founders of Lala Bracelets. Four girls of 13-14 years old that plant trees with the profits they make my selling pretty bracelets. Here's the article my friend Anaïs Levesque and I wrote about them:

Lala Bracelets:

the article

This afternoon, me and my cousins went to pick up the trash in my grandma's neighborhood. It's crazy. After close to 1 hour of picking up in only one small forest and a section of a road, we had 3 garbage bags filled up. Like, excuse me? Isn't it so easy to just pick yourself up? Anyways, a simple act which just made us smile because hopefully, we made the passers think a bit.

To end, Here's a little poem about the earth. xoxo

Or again...

Isn't it strange that a tree is green?

that it's colour invades a scene?

Or how a plant makes you smile,

in a wave of ordinary, for more than a mile?

The beauty of such greens, such blues

might dance off your shoes

the flowers in your hands

could bring love to Anns

Oh how we dance around the tree

representing the life of a country

while children search for breath and roses die

forests leaving us with a wry sigh

oh I could pray for people's wisdom

or I could wait for us to blossom

or again, I could keep my head high

and help momma earth, I could try.