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Hosting a Mad Men party


Loving the day already?

Today on the blog, I'm sharing all recipes and tricks for you to host an epic, unforgettable Mad Men party. Bring the 60's back with a fun night with your friends while enjoying good food.

If you're not really into Mad Men, you can totally just call it a 60's night. The recipes will still match marvelously!

Let's get started!


I have to say, bringing the right jam will bring a certain mood to your party. Play Twister with your pals and gals, have fun and dance it off!


if you want my opinion, the food buffet will bring most of the style and design. But if you want to add a little special to your night, add a couple 60's publicities.


Ok. here comes the big part. Food is the biggest key element for a perfect party! For my part, I only added appetizers (kind of a lot) to the table, and people took a plate and picked what they preferred to eat. Then I brought the desserts. Down below, I link the sites which have those amazing recipes. Having a buffet is great if you're inviting a bunch of people. Here's how I did it:

Curried Egg Butter Tea Sandwiches

Deviled eggs

Teriyaki Sesame Chicken Skewers

Boulettes Suédoises

(recipe in French)

Cranberry dip for Boulettes Suédoises, without sauce

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Because everything was wrapped in bacon in those days. ;)!

Jambon à l'anana

(recipe in French)

Smoked Trout and Cucumber

Sweet Onion Dip

Saucisses Cocktail

Celery and Cheez Whiz

most disgusting thing ever, so toxic, but you can try it for the night. just for the theme.

Pineapple Pecan cheese ball


What we had all been waiting for, right? Desserts are simply the best and I like 'em very much! Here are the links to an amazing recipe that'll match your 60's mouthset. (get it? mindset-mouthset?) In my opinion, the appetizers fill up quite a lot, plenty of desserts aren't that needed. ok, here we go!

Gâteau Renversé à l'ananas

best enjoyed hot and/or with maple syrup


it's always nice to enjoy a small cocktail while having a bite. Here are a few alcohol free ideas:

Cranberry Punch:

cranberry juice, white cranberry juice, bubble water and orange juice. Mix it up and enjoy!

Creme soda, Root beer and others are also great to bring back old memories!

Hope you have fun with these ideas, open up Pinterest also, you can find great ideas there too. Do you remember eating these? Do you like these recipes? Are you the type who would organize a themed party? Let me know in the comments!! See you next week!

Thank you to the models, Justine Blanchard, Sofia Touchette and the Fortier girls: Gabrielle, Juliette and Éliane, who helped me get some pics done. thx a lot beauties! xxx


Clara a.k.a the paleo kid xxx