• Clara Blanchette

Poke bowls! (that aren't pokemons)

hello peeps!

how are you doing? Hope the answer is good 😁

Poke Bowls are revolutionary. that's a fact. You just pop all of your favorite ingredients in a bowl, add some sauce and there you have it. I like to compare poke to a bowl of open sushi. That seems good right? yeah, it does.

So you can eat poke bowls anytime. or you can simply amuse yourself to say the name all day. Doesn't it sound good and fun? poke bowl, poke bowl...

Anyways, you can add smoked salmon, the best, to it, like I did, another type of fish, add tofu,

chicken (basically any type of protein) or eat it like a salad, without salad. Am I even understandable? sometimes I don't know...

Second anyways, (I often get drifted off, right?) poke bowls were presented to me at the time when Pokemon Go was a new "trend". Eventually I was surprised that it was even possible to eat pokemons. I was like: "Omg! Poke bowl... Is that a new Pokemon?" jk I wasn't ever rly into pokemons, but I imagine that was some people's reaction. 😅

So the recipe is super simple but can be altered with any of your favorite toppings. I won't judge you ;) BTW, I don't include measurements for the recipe because it depends on how much you want, feel free to play with it!

Let's get going with the recipe and jam it up!



Traditional Basmati Rice


- edamame

- avocado slices

- mango cubes

- cubed cherry tomatoes

- cubed tofu

- soy sauce

- wafu sauce


- Cook your rice. In the meantime, add your cubed tofu to a sauce pan with oil and soy sauce. Grill for a few minutes until golden brown.

- Prepare your edamames in a double-boiler.

- Add your rice in a bowl, even out your ingredients in the same.

- spread wafu sauce or soy sauce on your poke. Mix

- Bon appétit les amis!

Hope you enjoy and be sure to share this recipe with friends, to comment your ideas, and your opinions about the post and hellos. Like the post if you enjoy, and see you next time!

Clara, a.k.a ThePaleoKid xoxo