• Clara Blanchette

Revolutionary S'mores pie

Hello people!

Surely you must have heard of Chocolats Favoris, right? If not, you're missing something! Chocolats Favoris is a shop selling ice cream, sorbet and delicious treats. They are best known for their dipped ice cream. Understandably, for Christmas, I asked for the shop's recipe book. That's where my cooking skills come to place. The cookbook has gluten or dairy in about everything. So, I decided to share one of their best recipes but avoid of gluten and dairy, the paleo kid way. The homemade marshmallows are exquisite. Not so long ago, I went to a friend's house and brought two cakes, The s'mores pie and a chocolate fondant cake with coconut whipped cream and almond butter caramel drizzle. (Don't worry this last one will be added to the blog soon! ;)) Guess what? We were all fascinated. Thank you chocolats favoris for this recipe. Hoping that the paleo peeps will love this recipe as much as I do! And again, if you have no problem with gluten or dairy products, feel free to switch up the ingredients!

BTW, if am I the only one who just recently discovered that s'mores meant "some more" as in "i want some more"? probably.... 😆

Here we go, cause i don't want any of you wasting your time, living life without this pie! understood? kk let's go

p.s- when i say revolutionary i mean life-changing... ok i'll stop.

S'mores Pie

6-8 people, 3h prep



-1/4 cup melted non-salted butter or dairy-free alternative

-1 cup gf graham cookie crumbs (i didn't find gf crumbs, but i blended gf graham cookies.)


- 1 can s'mores fondue

- 1/2 cup 35% cream or i used Belsoy dairy-free cream

- 2 tbsp non-salted butter or again dairy free alternative


- 4g gelatin powder

- 3/4 cup organic sugar

- 5 tbsp water

- 2 egg whites

- 1 tbsp vanilla extract



- mix melted butter with graham crumbs

- place equally on a round pie mould. Refrigerate while making the filling.


- In a saucepan, boil cream and then put on fondue. mix. ( to prepare the fondue: do not open can and place in a saucepan with water, bring to boil until liquid.)

- add butter and mix. Place the mixture on the base and prepare the marshmallows.


- in a bowl add the 1/4 cup of water to let the gelatine powder soften.

- in a saucepan, boil sugar and water until you have a syrup at 240 F. (this step is really important, be sure it's at the right temperature)

- While waiting, beat the egg whites at hight speed until it looks like snow.

- When the syrup reaches the desired temperature, add the gelatin. mix.

- Bit by bit add the egg whites, while beating.

- add vanilla and beat until the marshmallow has cooled. ( you'll see it when it starts to look like a marshmallow.

- put mixture in a piping bag and slowly and carefully squeeze out drops on the pie. work fast since it'll keep going down.

- if you want, lightly grill the marshmallows with a torch.

- i then recommend to place in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

- take out and serve. i know you probably won't want to, but share the dessert with your friends! ;)

Hope you enjoyed every bite! Tell me in the comments if you did this recipe, love chocolats favoris or definitely want to try this s'mores pie out. Love you guys!

Bon Appétit! clara a.k.a thepaleokid xoxo