• Clara Blanchette

Mango & Argousiers //Smoothie//

Hi guys! Sorry for not uploading much these days but I really wanted to appreciate the quality time with my family during the holidays. But now, I'm coming back full energy with my best recipes.

This one is an easy smoothie that you can do easily at home in 5 minutes. I love mangoes so that's one of the reasons why I love it so much. The colour also pops and makes everybody happy.

I discovered argousiers when drinking kombucha and thought they really had a good taste. Afterwards, we bought some and freezed it for smoothies.

Ever since, I love this mix and recommend it to everyone. The argousiers add a little taste that you will love!

Depending on the amount of portions you want, switch up the amount of ingredients.

Let's go on with the recipe!

Makes about 3 portions,// Takes 5 min.// Paleo + Vegan


- 1 1/2 cup mangoes

- 2-3 tbsp argousiers

- 1/2 cup almond milk

- 1 tbsp coconut sugar (optional)

Toppings: ( switch it up with what you like )

- Raspberries

- Granola

- Chia Seeds

- Almond butter


- Mix all the ingredients in a blender.

- Add more milk if necessary.

- Scrape the sides every 10 seconds.

- Place in bowl and add toppings.

- Bon appétit!

Pictures from the wonderful Valérie Baillargeon ;) Thank you so much!!