• Clara Blanchette

The Outside World

So yesterday I went for a walk outside after feeling exhausted since I was always indoors, and oh my sushis. I can't even tell you how much I felt good. The sweet November air and wind, brushing across my face, my dog, sniffing everything everywhere he goes, and my calm music in my earphones. It was one of the most relaxing and peaceful moments I'd ever had in a long time. Even though I had a big coat on, - hey Quebec friends! - I was comfy and watched as my dog was ogling the squirrels in every tree. I feel like we should be getting out some more! I'm always indoors and sometimes I make myself remember to GO OUT!!!!! It's always really great for your body to spend some time outside, so even though it's cold out, take a few minutes to walk, run or dance and remark the beauty of it all. Breathe in the fresh air. What do you guys feel about it? Comment! xoxo

#Outside #Nature #Breathe