• Clara Blanchette

Chia Seed Pudding! +PALEO/VEGAN+

I love to wake up in the morning and to already have an awesome idea of a breakfast! So here's a wonderful breakfast, that you will almost certainly be excited about when you wake up!


-2 1/2 cups of coconut milk (625 ml)

-1/3 of a cup of chia seeds

-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

-2 tablespoons of raw honey or maple syrup


-1 medium banana

-1 1/2 cups of mixed berries


Place the coconut milk, seeds, extract and honey in a large bowl. Mix and cover, then place in the fridge for 1-2 hours or overnight until thick. Afterwards, enjoy it by adding the second part of the ingredients or not, both are delicious. ( Personally I prefer just leaving it like that )

If you try this recipe, don't be shy and send me pics and comments on what you think about it. I love to hear from you guys!!! Did you like the pudding? Also comment if you switched up ingredients and you like how it ended up. Hope you enjoy the recipe!!!