• Clara Blanchette

My Side Passions

Besides eating, cooking , going to school and socializing, my life is READING. I feel like reading is such an awesome privilege. It teaches somehow, not only with facts and new vocabulary but just about the world. I don't know how many books I've read, but it's surely an outnumbered digit. I recently finished the 16 book Pretty Little Liars series and I was astonished by the content. My top books are eventually the following; The fault in our stars, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Everything Everything, Wonder, Counting by Sevens, and the list goes on. I also like speed kayaking which is a sport I practice during the summer and a bit of fall and spring. I have to thank all authors of the world for making this passion a reality. I feel like these days more and more people don't enjoy reading as much as they should. Like my teacher said, you just haven't found the right book that fits you. She explains that when she was younger, she hated just the thought of reading, and that one day, she found the book. So keep searching because a whole world might open to you. A world where magic and possibility is typical. Where you can learn much more than you might think. Reading is a true privilege.