• Clara Blanchette

Paleo, everywhere!

So my parents are gone in Vancouver and soon in San Fransisco, which makes me, all alone. Jk. Me, my grandparents and my two brothers are together. I've been following up with my parents, and I realized that they can really eat paleo with no problem in different cities. Which is pretty cool. And I've got a couple ideas from them. Here are two of their breakfasts. One here, two eggs, meatballs and sauce. And the second one, a gluten free poutine with an egg. BTW, thanks to my mom for those pictures. If ever you are wondering why I'm not publishing so much content on my instagram, well, I don't have access to my camera, that's why! But yeah! Just saying that gluten free stuff is literally everywhere these days. Which I'm super excited about!! It makes me so happy that people start understanding this whole thing, and that more and more people can't take gluten nor dairy and most of them don't even know about it. So, I'm glad!