• Clara Blanchette

Fully paleo?

I want to talk about this since, it's pretty important and it shows how much paleo helps me. I do the paleo diet about 80/20. Actually, when I go visiting, I don't really preoccupy myself if the meal was cooked in butter or if it was in touch with any non paleo ingredients. Really, I am lactose intolerant and I don't take gluten. Most of the meals we eat are paleo, since my parents and my brother are pretty strict on the diet, but we make exceptions for like quinoa and other small things that don't have gluten nor dairy. It really helps me, since I have no eczema and I'm very happy. Legumes don't actually affect my skin, but I try and not take a lot of them. So this it! I'm happy with what portion of paleo I'm doing and it helps me that way, so it's great! Thanks for being here guys!