• Clara Blanchette

Starting to be PALEO

Honestly, if I look back. I remember saying that being gluten free or dairy free, would be the apocalypse. That's funny, because really, right now, being paleo is actually one of the greatest things that's happened to me. One, for my eczema, but also because I'm just happier. Really, like

discovering new recipes, bringing me to this great project and just the fact that a smile is always on my face these days, and I've gained confidence. For a fact, I can say, that adopting a whole new lifestyle, can be a lot more complicated for other people, and I mean, that's fine. We all have different bodies and feelings. I went through an easy way, but for others, it can be extremely difficult to transition, and I can understand. And, actually, you can just test it out and then see what works for you. If it was an epic fail, well then that's ok, it's not like you've got to stick with it for the rest of your life, you know. Anyways, that's it. We all go through different paths, but that's just what makes us human and special.

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