But what is Paleo?

Eat like cavemen. Really, it seems disgusting, but think about it, they ate no modified foods, prepared nor chemically processed.


In the Paleo diet you can eat:

-Vegetables, fruits

-Eggs, meat, fish and poultry

-Nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, almonds...)


You will have to avoid:

-Dairy products

-Cereal products


-Modified foods


Afterwards, I recommend to reintroduce foods like dairy or rice - not junk food- to see if there are any intolerances. Once it's checked out, you can restart at your own place in the diet. The goal in the paleo diet is not necessarily to lose weight, its more to eliminate processed foods, added sugar, grains and to accumulate nourishing foods, healthy fats and delicious vegetables, meat and others. Don't worry about counting calories or restricting yourself on portions. Remember to live life to the fullest!


A mindset about paleo i absolutely love is 80/20. Don't restrict yourself to eating 100% paleo, go with your groove.