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My Story

My Story

Hi! I'm Clara and I'm passionate about photography. Lately, I've been cooking a lot and taking pictures of my work afterwards. I love doing this and I discover so much.


Basically, since 2005 my dad has developed pericarditis which is a heart disease and it really sucks. So we had been trying to cure it and one of our last option was trying the PALEO diet.


My parents started doing this new thing and I was pretty interested. I tried it out and my eczema   ( a skin disease ) pretty much stopped right there, and I was flabbergasted, so I decided to stop all dairy products. It actually worked and I continued doing it for months until my mom came to me and explained that if I would do the complete PALEO diet, then maybe my eczema would stop once and for all. As moms are mostly always right, she was once again this time.


So here I am, sharing this with you, inviting you to join me during this lovely journey.